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Luminous Building Materials Shown at Luxlive London
LuxLive has been held successfully on 15 - 16 November 2017 in London ExCel. As Europe’s biggest and best lighting event, LuxLive attracted industry giants and LED brands from all over the world.


The "luminous building materials" series, which is independently developed by Shone Lighting, is displayed at T19 booth of the exhibition, mainly including LED WALL TILE, LED STAIR TILE, and MARBLING LED BRICK.

During the exhibition, Shone showed the innovative and cool design for the indoor & outdoor architecture industry through "luminous building materials". Meanwhile, Shone made in-depth exchanges with new & old customers who came to the booth. They also showed great interest in this kind of new product and highly praised it.

▲In-depth exchanges with new & old customers

In addition, SHOEN participated in some cutting-edge lectures in LuxLive to get the most advanced information for helping self-development.

▲ Participated in some cutting-edge lectures

Exhibition at Luxlive is a successful event for Shone in 2017, which helps to accumulate a wealth of experience. In the future, Shone will consistently provide high-quality products and professional services for every customer.
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