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After-Sales Service

Aftersales Service

We have a full-featured light testing laboratory with Light & Electrical testing and Reliability testing equipment, including integrating spheres, distribution photometer, high and low temperature impact testing equipment, etc.

? Fully professional service will be provided throughout the sales process

? Professional team will be sent in site to instruct if needed

? All technical documentations will be available to project engineers

? Technical training will be obtainable to help installation & troubleshooting

? Components & products will be supplied within the warranty period

Installation & Trouble Shooting

With more than 18 years’ experience in cooperation with construction companies, Shone has a professional service team to support throughout the sales process. We can instruct product installation & system troubleshooting in site to minimize the effort and cost of clients, to help clients carry out the project easily and smoothly. From manual samples to massive production, we will support our clients with sincerity and devote ourselves to bring the lighting design ideas into reality.

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